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Serial podcast episode 6 summary

Serialfrom the creators of the award-winning podcast, This American Lifehas grown into a cultural phenomenon overnight. The series finale of the most talked about podcast of the year is this Thursday, Dec. Zero in on the most important clues and listen to complete episodes below. Summary : Meet Adnan Syeda year-old boy from Baltimore who was described as well-liked until he was convicted of murdering his high school ex-girlfriend, Hae Min Lee.

Serial Season 3, Episode 6: spotlight moves to East Cleveland

There was no physical evidence linking Syed to the crime, but a testimony from a friend named Jay. Based on this testimony, the jury convicted Syed for first degree murder. The only alibi Syed had was from a student named Asia McClainwho remembers talking to him at the library during the supposed time of the murder. But in a strange chain of events, McClain retracted her statements and left Syed without an alibi. So who is lying and why? After breaking up and getting back together multiple times, Lee started to write about a new crush.

His name was Don and they worked at LensCrafters together. Main Takeaway : Is Mr. S a new important person in this case or just an innocent bystander with a questionable past?

Ali denies making the call. But Koenig and Chivvis did not find the phone booth, and Best Buy employees claim there has never been one. Biggest Questions : What does it mean for Syed that Koenig and Chivvis were able to complete the route within the specific time frame?

At this point, listeners may feel that Jay has gotten away with too much. She also explores various stray facts to see what they might mean.

One story comes from Davewho called police in when his teen daughter said a neighbor saw a dead body. She hung out with Jay and Syed the night Lee disappeared. Another loose end concerns Nishaa girl Syed casually dated after Lee. He admits Jay had his car and cell phone the afternoon of January 13, while Syed was at school. Summary: Syed tells Koenig about a Virginia case similar to his.

However, jurors saw no motive for Jay to kill Lee. The A. Summary: New accounts of January 13, emerge. Former Woodlawn students tell Koenig enough for her to debunk the theory about Best Buy. She no longer believes Lee was killed by p. His unfamiliarity with the system probably led to his life sentence.Dale Omori, The Plain Dealer.

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The episode centers around a man who is only referred to by his first name, Josh. The year-old man is a Heartless Felons gang member who wound up in the system after he carried out several armed robberies. After a arrest for those robberies, Josh agreed to cooperate with law enforcement and told investigators all about his gang. Host Sarah Koenig then describes how the system treated Josh after his cooperation. First, some background on Josh. Records show he was arrested three times that summer: once after he was caught with a stolen camera, another time after he was caught filling the gas tank of a car that was reported stolen minutes earlier, and another time after he ran from police officers who were trying to break up a fight.

He was also charged with punching a year-old boy in the face and robbing him of his iPod, records say. Josh violated his probation several times, and was later placed in a youth home, records say.

In OctoberJosh and another teenager came up behind a year-old boy on the street and robbed him, records say. The robbers picked him up, carried him behind a vacant house, and pulled a gun on him. Josh was arrested about 10 days later after he ran from police officers responding to a report of a man with a gun, records say. Josh did not have a gun on him, the records say. Second chance, again. He punched a teenage inmate and knocked him unconscious, records say.

The teenager was hospitalized, and Josh was charged with two counts of assault. Three months later, Josh walked up to another inmate and punched him in the face, records say. She instead sent him to the Multi Juvenile County Attention System, a facility that is meant to match child offenders and their families with social services. Six months later, Josh was charged with escape when he ran away from the facility in August Nine days later, he started the string of robberies that led him to the fate featured in the podcast.

The robberies. Marvin Fong, The Plain Dealer. On Aug. In both cases he walked into the store, asked for cigarettes and pulled a pistol when the clerk went to grab them, records say. She also left open the possibility that Josh could be sentenced to 18 more years in adult prison if he did not stay out of trouble in youth prison.

Rising juvenile crime. Officials in Cleveland have for years lamented what they call a rising tide of juvenile violence. Officials in said assaults in the center had reached a critical level, and the indictments, which came the next year, were meant to quell the institutional violence, prosecutors said.

The juvenile detention center, which houses some teenagers after their arrests and until they are sentenced or released on bond, announced minor reforms earlier this year after a handful of teenagers broke tables and busted glass windows.Based almost exclusively on the testimony of a fellow high-school student named Jay, her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was sentenced to life in prison for the crime. Today, episode We hear almost nothing about the victim, Hae, or other possible suspects.

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A serial killer? Instead, Sarah Koenig asks overarching questions about humanity. It seems that what drew Sarah Koenig to the case is not necessarily the specific mystery of who killed Hae Min Lee but a larger mystery about the human condition. What are we capable of?

Could someone who everyone generally agrees is a good guy strangle his girlfriend with his bare hands and then hang out, smoking pot with his friends, while her corpse freezes in his trunk? How do we trust our own judgment — as reporters, storytellers, or simply as human beings — when we can be so very wrong, even about the people we think we know best?

Three points about this episode:. Some of the rumors that reach Koenig are silly and easily dismissed. One alarms her, to the degree that she believes that if she can substantiate it, she will have to accept that Adnan did indeed kill Hae.

However, when she tracks down the person who supposedly first shared the incriminating information, the source is politely mystified. He has no idea what she is talking about. They tell Koenig that information and gossip travels swiftly, and no one wants to be the individual who goes against the grain.

serial podcast episode 6 summary

Since Adnan was arrested, his story has been seen as a neighborhood cautionary tale. The bias evident in episode ten perhaps explains why. Other people, fearful of going on the record, confide to Koenig that they believe he was capable of committing the crime. They call him duplicitous, smart, and charming.

They also call him a thief. When he was a tween, Adnan stole donation money from the mosque. Two people saw him do it. One refuses to go on tape; another does, anonymously, with his voice distorted.This week's Serial podcast investigates whether Adnan Syed's defence lawyer Cristina Gutierrez was to blame for his murder conviction.

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The year-old student's body was found in February strangled and buried in a shallow grave. Her ex-boyfriend Adnan Syed was later convicted of her murder. She also reveals why Adnan's first trial collapsed. Adnan's mother, Shamim, believes her son is completely innocent and was "easy to target" by authorities because he is a Muslim. While Koenig does not buy this explanation, she examines the way Adnan's religion and culture were dealt with in court.

At a bail hearing in March"bus loads" of people from Adnan's mosque came to support him. The defence argued that this community of doctors, teachers, lawyers and religious leaders were willing to supervise Adnan if he was released on bail and accompany him back to court. However, the prosecution "wash-cast" the same room full of people as "aiders and abetters" who could help Adnan run away to Pakistan, says Koenig.

The prosecution apologised a few weeks later for misleading the court after claiming that there was a "pattern" of Pakistani men committing murder after they had been jilted.

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Koenig says the jurors she spoke to insisted that religion had not influenced them, but that stereotypes about culture were lurking in the background. One juror said she remembered a fellow juror saying that in Arabic culture "men rule, not women". Another tells Koenig: "I know in some cultures women are second class citizens and maybe that's what it was. I don't know. He just wanted control and she wouldn't give it to him. Adnan says he had a "great deal of affection" for Gutierrez, a renowned defence attorney in Maryland, who died in But Koenig questions if Gutierrez ultimately "blew" the case for him and reveals why Adnan's first trial collapsed.

Gutierrez was accused by the judge of lying after she claimed she had not seen a piece of mobile phone evidence about to be presented by the prosecution.

Gutierrez requested the mistrial herself, fearing that the jury would not trust her after overhearing the accusation from the judge. Koenig says, in the second trial, Gutierrez's main defence for Adnan was that someone else had killed Hae: either Jay, whose testimony secured Adnan's conviction; Don, Hae's new boyfriend; or 'Mr S', the man who found Hae's body.

At one point Jay admitted that the prosecution had provided him with a private lawyer. Gutierrez saw this as the "magic information" at the time. She argued that it was "patently improper" as it could look like Jay was being influenced by the state and she said that the defence should have been informed. But this was not upheld by the judge.

serial podcast episode 6 summary

Several people who were at the second trial, including Adnan, suggested Gutierrez had a confusing way of presenting evidence. One of her main arguments against a mobile phone expert fell apart and she failed to properly attack the state's timeline of events.

Her career collapsed ina year after Adnan's trial ended, when she got in trouble with the Attorney Grievance Commission of Maryland, with clients complaining she had taken their money and not carried out the work she had promised. Yet one of her colleagues said she went into a "deep depression" after Adnan's case and never really bounced back. She became very sick with diabetes and multiple sclerosis and later died of a heart attack at the age of It's Baltimore, Hae Min Lee, a popular high-school senior, disappears after school one day.

Six weeks later detectives arrest her classmate and ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for her murder. He says he's innocent - though he can't exactly remember what he was doing on that January afternoon. But someone can. A classmate at Woodlawn High School says she knows where Adnan was. Friends say Adnan was sad when Hae dumped him, but not crazy sad - normal sad.

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The prosecutors say he was rage-filled and vengeful. Which is it? Three weeks after Hae goes missing, a man discovers her body in the middle of a city forest. But his story is strange and his past is even stranger. Did he really just stumble on her by accident? The detectives get a lead that opens the case up for them. They bring Jay in for questioning and he tells them the story of January 13th.

But then, a few weeks later, his story changes. So, we tried. Sarah weighs all the other circumstantial evidence prosecutors had against Adnan, including curious behavior, a dramatic note, and an unexplained mid-afternoon phone call.

So she called up the defense attorney on that case looking for insight, and got much more than she bargained for. So how did the jury make sense of Jay?

serial podcast episode 6 summary

How do we make sense of Jay? But Adnan was convicted and she was disbarred. What happened? Almost everyone described year-old Adnan the same way: good kid, helpful at the mosque, respectful to his elders.

A month later, her body was found in a city park. She'd been strangled. Her year-old ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, was arrested for the crime, and within a year, he was sentenced to life in prison.

Serial podcast review: what we learnt from episode 10

Sarah Koenig sorted through thousands of documents, listened to trial testimony and police interrogations, and talked to everyone she could find who remembered what happened between Adnan Syed and Hae Min Lee.

In Season One of Serialshe looks for answers. Skip to main content. Season One: Episode Episode 02 The Breakup Friends say Adnan was sad when Hae dumped him, but not crazy sad - normal sad. Episode 03 Leakin Park Three weeks after Hae goes missing, a man discovers her body in the middle of a city forest. Episode 04 Inconsistencies The detectives get a lead that opens the case up for them. Episode 06 The Case Against Adnan Syed Sarah weighs all the other circumstantial evidence prosecutors had against Adnan, including curious behavior, a dramatic note, and an unexplained mid-afternoon phone call.

Episode 11 Rumors Almost everyone described year-old Adnan the same way: good kid, helpful at the mosque, respectful to his elders.By Dustin Rowles Miscellaneous November 3, The producers are obviously concerned — and for good reason — about witnesses in the case being harassed. Please be respectful of that rule in discussing the case. Adnan may or may not have asked Hae for a ride on the day of her murder. There is some dispute about this. On the other hand, he was high when the police called.

Adnan called Hae three times the night before the murder probably to give Hae his cell phone number. However, he never tried to contact her again after the murder, which is suspicious for someone who kept in regular contact with his ex-girlfriend. However, Adnan says he continued to get all his information about Hae from other mutual friends, so saw no reason to call and check on her after she went missing.

There was, I thought, a very damning letter that Hae wrote to Adnan about letting it go, and moving on after the break up.

‘Serial’ Podcast Episode 11: What We Learned From ‘Rumors’

A witness, Dave, said that a neighbor boy had seen the body of a girl in the back of the trunk of a vehicle, but that neighbor boy later denied the account. Neither the hearsay witness nor the neighbor boy was mentioned at trial.

Kathy saw Adnan and Jay together in her living room acting suspiciously at a critical time during the day around 6 p. Adnan received a suspicious phone call and acted worried about what he was supposed to say. The Nisha Call. If Adnan and his cell phone were separated, why did Nisha get a call between 3 and 4 only Adnan knew Nisha.

The total sum of circumstantial evidence certainly suggests a level of involvement beyond what Adnan is admitting. We know he was involved because he helped dispose of the body. We can assume that he made some sort of deal to testify against Adnan in exchange for some kind of immunity. The question remains, however: Did Jay mastermind a frame job beyond the assumed capabilities of a teenaged stoner? Did Jay and Adnan commit the murder together?

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Was there a third conspirator? We know, without a doubt, that Jay knows what happened, although his account of the day has many inconsistencies. We do know that he and Adnan were together before and after the murder.

The question is, were they together between and ?The police received an anonymous phone that stated they should look at the ex-boyfriend, it is clear that the caller was referring to Adnan Syed. Days later another anonymous call came through where the caller stated that they witnessed Adnan and Hae engaging in sexual activities at Leakin Park and that the relationship was over only a short week before Hae was murdered.

Overall Adnan made thirty —four phone calls, six of which were made Jennifer Pusitory who was friends with Jay. Jennifer and Jay were good friends The police asked Jen to come in to give a statement. She stated to the police that she had seen jay on that day and he told her Adnan did in fact kill Hae. Allegedly Jay dropped Adnan off at an unknown girls house and then picked him up later on. According to Jen, Jay left but they planned to meet up later.

serial podcast episode 6 summary

Jen said Jay told her that Adnan wanted him to help with burying Hae. She even said that she remembered Jay having his shovels in the car. Jenifer made it seem as if Adnan and Jay were real friends but at the end of her statement she disclosed that their friendship was casual. That in itself sounds very fishy. If the friendship was casual why would Adnan rust Jay enough with being an accessory to a murder?

This happened to be the big break of the case. Jay stated that Adnan chose him because he had information about his criminal activity dealing with marijuana distribution. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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